5pm Saturday 29th June 2019
Exhibition continues until 10th August 2019

These are images i have made for something to do, when I enjoy it the most it’s because the pictures make up fun stories about how all of their contents came to be together in the one place.

Energy is Eternal Delight

You could call them Psychic Landscapes, or Dream Diagrams, or Paintings and Collages.

I could say what they are, but then we’re in my movie.

I don’t much like the letters that I’m using to contain meaning right now.

I do find it interesting that you can’t choose to not understand them.

I have preference for those forms which cannot be still, those that when one thinks that they have beheld them, one realises that there is no one-thing to behold, but something more like an infinite-fluid-creative-potential. 

I like to think that every act of creation is the act of creation.

I like to think that every manifestation illustrates the laws by which all that proceeded it operate, and yet possesses the power to inform an altar those same laws.

Anthony Something Feeney born 1980-or-90 something, not the oldest or youngest of some people, somewhere not the best or worst. Sleeps Standing, Speaks Sleeping, Eats Brussels Sprouts.

Skateboarding-Irish-Roman-Catholic-Superstition-Armchair-Mysticism-’80’s USHC-’60’s Haircut Music-Psilocybe Cyanescens-Cotard Delusion-Hallways and Doors to everyone-where-and-when & so on and so forth and all that comes in between and Beginning Eats the End.

There is a way to eternity, it is where everything is, it is perfect communication.

There is nothing to do, so you will have do something with your time.

Buddy Holly, Blue Moods, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Gnostic Cosmology, Ray Barbee No-Comply Variations, The Red Book, Iz-ness, I-Ching, Penny Frontside Flips, Panpsychism, Ronnie Boykins – The Will Come Is Now, Fellini Satyricon, Mysterium Tremendum, Coincidentia Oppositorum. Leary’s Letter to Monk. McKenna’s Elves. Beardsley’s grotesque. Blake’s Vision.

Anthony Something Feeney went to school etc. rode the bus and everything.

Is or Seems? It can be so hard to tell.

This is As Far As The I Can See 

I am usually alive and well in Melbourne, Australia.

Open to conversing with strangers.




Joey’s art comes from his observations and experiences of life during late capitalism. He picks up the discarded, looks at the logos, notices the cameras in the sky and wonders where it all goes. He’s as much an activist as he is an artist, with a nuanced political sense informing much of his output. Joey is also a magpie, collecting, collating and configuring colour and form, noticing coincidences and reading between the lines. His work is often sprinkled with satire, but also a strong hope for a better world and a different way of living. He is also a realist, unable to avoid the harsh realities of what he sees.

Joey Gracia is a Hobart-based artist.