Linda Persson: Speaking in Tongues

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LAUNCH: 5pm 18 May 2019

Exhibition continues until 22 June 2019

Private Projects is open 10 – 4 Saturdays and by appointment.
Please email us if you wish to visit outside our opening hours:

Speaking in Tongues, is an exhibition that offers a surreal journey based on ongoing research around thin places and their connection to the immeasurable, old knowledge, and communication beyond language. Linda is showing two installations consisting of moving image works (16mm digitalised) and multiple ceramic sculptures made 2019.

“My recent years of artistic research have engaged with the loss of language caused by colonialism and the scars felt in the landscapes we wander. Starting with a personal or historical memory, I use a sort of ‘tracing back’ as a transformative ritual to position my artistic practice as an engagement with in-depth research revealed in place. Since 2008, I have been following these traces and acting upon the unknown encounters that develop from actually going to particular places, meeting people and engaging with folklore and oral traditions. This challenges the economics of the ‘body in motion’ as it explores borders and limits via the actual body (here, my body), which also highlights my own privilege as a white woman. As borders and infrastructures continually close down for anyone ‘other’, the importance of articulating this challenge becomes all the more pertinent.

What interests me in these places are their harsh landscapes, the histories and legends that surround them, and how they still carry superstitions that makes themselves known as an exchange or a speculative economic act. All these places are usually sites for change, be it of industry (mining), natural disaster, colonialism, or even geological deep time. And still, there is evidence of the human hand interacting over time, which gives these sites ‘humanness’ despite the extremity of the first encounter. Engaging with the oral tradition and the embodied experience of being and acting in place, provides a countermeasure that explodes and expands beyond the limitations of the accepted knowledge and value of the official collected archive. For me the ‘(re)-telling’ of a story, an anecdote related to landscape or a ‘thing’, is a magical thing in itself”.

The exhibition has been made possible with support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Artist Linda Persson was born in Sweden and lives / works in Stockholm & London. Recent projects includes ISCP New York, with curator Elina Suoyrjö; Art Gallery of Western Australia / North by South East /International Art Space (2018/19); Momentum Biennial, Norway; and, Luzern Kunstmuseum, Switzerland with Laure Prouvost (Higher Her-Love amongst artists, 2017).

She is currently showing her alchemical installation SiO2.n4H2O, as part of Prima Materia, Bundoora Homestead Arts in Melbourne (until 7th July). Linda was nominated and selected for the forthcoming publication (Aug 2019) 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow, by Thames & Hudson.