Dexter Rosengrave: America 35mm


5pm Saturday 24 November 2018

Exhibition continues until 29 December 2018
Private is open Saturdays 10am – 4pm and by appointment

Sitting with a homeless man at 4am while he draws my portrait
Eating all the food in the hostel and getting kicked out after the first night
Choosing the swamp over Beyonce and regretting it
Cheap cigarettes and even cheaper beer
Neon graveyards.

Almost skidding off the road on the way back from a packed waterfall
Feeling moved by a plant that grew flowers inside of itself
Margaritas in a bottle for breakfast in Nevada
Never fully comprehending all the weirdness

The sound of a saxophone cutting through the Seattle Freeze
Stripping all my clothes off too early
Free bags of coke and shots of Fireball with a Russian American man
Philly Cheesesteaks in the City of Roses
The view from the High Line.

Thinking that they really know how to take care of their National Parks
Never getting to the end of Tinder
Standing outside Steve Powers closed studio when it was raining but not cold
Watching someone get BDSM hypnotized on Thanksgiving
Dusty sandstorms.

Falling in love in San Francisco
Being called a witch the day George Michael died
Having a moment with two desert dogs
Getting cruised in a foyer of a sexual health clinic
A trolley full of trash filling my frame.

America, 35mm is a collection of expired film photographs and story telling from Dexter Rosengrave’s 2016 trip to the USA.

Dexter Rosengrave is a queer transgender emerging artist based in Hobart,
Tasmania. Their work currently exists at the intersection of performance, multi media, gender, body and identity. Their lived experience of being queer and transgender has recently shifted to the forefront of their practice and they are beginning to develop a significant interest in community focused art projects which blend archival documents and personal stories with queer history.

Rosengrave completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in 2018 and they were recently awarded the 2019 funded Rosamond McCulloch Residency in Paris.

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