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Jacob Leary makes fiction.His complex narratives are connected to the real but operate in realms beyond it: it is not a flight of fancy but a complex extrapolation of potential. Leary’s work is a catalogue of transmissions and cryptic messages from other worlds and modes of being.  The works are deceptively chaotic, but adhere to a logic that is inherent in all the structures he makes.

These new works explore his most recent fusions of sculptural manipulation, collage and video. Leary sees rich potential in everything and his practice explores the myriad implications of objects, how they may escape their initial roles and explode with a range of new meaning and implication.
Leary’s fiction makes new worlds, explores possibility and pierces the skin of reality.  Everything is re-made new and potent, reaching for better stories, fresher meanings and a broader, more encompassing vocabulary.

Jacob Leary is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice spanning a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, prints, video and installation. His more recent creative outputs emerge from his current PHD research (UTAS) and its particular focus on object essences as outlined by particular aspects of speculative realism.       

In 2018 Leary was commissioned to produce Paint Dreamz for Moonah Arts Centre Haveago gallery, he also created a new body of work for Melbourne Art Week as part of Subterrain- the organic sublime and was highly commended in the Glover prize for landscape painting. He has work in two upcoming curated group shows—Systematica at the Plimsoll gallery and The Field revisited (still) at Contemporary Art Tasmania. In 2017 he presented his second solo show at Flinders Lane gallery and in 2016 he exhibited in Brainstorm at the Tasmanian College of the Arts as part of DarkMofo and at Contemporary Art Tasmania as part of their artist to artists programHe has recently undertaken a range of commissions through ARTS TAS and MONA FOMA and has won numerous awards for his work, including the 2012 John Fries Memorial Prize, a national award for emerging visual artists and he was a finalist in the Redlands Art Prize (2016). He has been collected by Artbank University of Tasmania, Justin Art House Museum, RACT Collection, Tasmanian Government, llisington collection and Ormond College. Jacob is represented by Flinders lane gallery (Melbourne) and Private Projects (Hobart).

Image: Jacob Leary, Stuff in Nature, Nature in Stuff, 2018.



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Japanese word (Rippa) is translated as (splendid or Fine)

and Japanese word (Gorippa) is polite language (very splendid Or super Fine)

Born in Tokyo. Tokyo & Kyoto-based Wataru Komachi takes inspiration from the graffiti and Zen Gardens. Wataru Komachi’s art is influenced by Robert Raushenberg, Andy Warhol and 1977’s Punk Rock Movement such as The Ramones, D.I.Y Punk Band Flyers.

Wataru Started Band in schooldays. basically playing Punkrock music And Maked energetically Own Band Flyers.

AfterthatWataru has received offers from film distributing agency for Movie Film ( Last Movie / Directed by Dennis Hopper ) Japanese Edition Brochure’s Back Cover Collage.

It Was the First Commision Work.

The Back Cover Collage were collected By Mr.Dennis Hopper

The Works is Wide Range of Expression are Very Topicality and Wit, at The World Level Has Earned High Praise.

Image: Cosplayer from Paradice, 2018 from the Arcade Angel series. 21 x 29cm mixed media on paper. 

Private Projects
Suite 7, Level 1, Moonah Centre. Enter from Hopkins St, up the stairs.

Exhibition launch: 5pm 18 August 2018

Saturday 18 August – 29 September 2018
Open Saturdays 10 – 4 and by appointment