5pm Saturday 10th March 2018

Hey Stewart, i received your package of Items found with used books.

We would like to show it in our gallery, we would like to make a zine with one item per page.

The cover would be the envelope you sent, in some reasonable edition.

The zine would be called  – Items found with used books.

The items from the envelope would be displayed in the gallery.

We would drink beer and look at it.

The exhibition would be called – Items found with used books.

what say ye? 

Stewart Home, is an English artist, filmmaker, writer, pamphleteer, art historian, and activist. He is best known for his novels such as the non-narrative 69 Things to Do with a Dead Princess, The 9 Lives of Ray The Cat Jones,  his re-imagining of the 1960s in Tainted Love, and earlier parodistic pulp fictions Pure Mania, Red London, No Pity and Defiant Pose that pastiche the work of 1970s British pulp fiction, political agit-prop, and historical references to punk rock and avant-garde art. He once picketed a Stockhausen concert in Brighton, threatening to levitate the building.

Private Projects

Suite 7, Level 1, Moonah Centre. Enter from Hopkins St, up the stairs.

Saturday 10th March – 14th April

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