Letspretend_squarepromo copy
Let’s pretend
…that didn’t happen

…it’s all going to be ok

…we need to do this

We are all actors and we all eventually become what we pretend to be.

MP Fikaris has created a new body of work with images sourced from difficult human situations – people in combat, people being deported, homeless people and children under surveillance.Drawn and redrawn, refined and simplified to masked and plainly dressed figures in action these pieces are made to leave ambiguous but bold impression.

You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.
– Alan Moore

MP Fikaris is a Melbourne born and based experiential artist. Since 2001 his practice has swung between the worlds of illustration, print and painting. He enjoys collaborating and has completed artist residencies in Canada, New Zealand, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Germany, France and in various parts of Australia. His work is in collections with National Print Archives, State Library Victoria and many private collections. |